Feb 25 2014

Choosing the right vaporizer grinder


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People who have vaporizers are ought to have herb grinder to use herbs in their vaporizers. Herb grinders are necessary because they are used to grinds herbs before feeding into a vaporizer, which cannot properly vaporise herbs unless it is nicely grinded. The grinders are made of metal, plastic and wood. The material of which a grinder is made and brand of vaporizer are independent of each other. The person who uses vaporiser does not need to consider its brand before purchasing a herb grinder. However, the grinding capability of the grinder has to be taken into consideration.

The question is about the fineness to which herbs have to be grinded for production of quality vapour that is required for aromatherapy. There is no particular measuring scale for that. However, one must know that production of active ingredients in vapour is directly proportional to surface of ground herbs. In other words, herbs have to be grinded as fine as possible to avoid release of injurious vapour.

Selection of the Grinder

Searching for the best grinders in their respective classes is the first step towards selection of the right grinder. Quality of the equipment, result of its function, safety in its use and its price are all factors that influence ones decision of the right grinder.

Manual Grinders

Manual grinders have to be hand-cranked or twisted. They are available in plastic, wood and metal. Herbs have to be fed into the grinder and twisted after the lid is closed. Nice fluffy grinded herbs that are ready to be vaporized can be produced with the help of such a grinder. However, there are several safety concerns to be considered.

Aluminium molecules can mix with shredded herbs when they are grinded with aluminium grinders. Wooden grinders pose same threat while acrylic plastic grinders emit harmful fumes. Plastic polymer grinders are the best.

Automatic Grinders

Motorised grinders are the best for those who need to grind large quantity of herbs. Automatic grinders have great capability to grind herbs finely. However, it has a drawback and that is the need of electricity every time it runs. Another disadvantage is that it is expensive. Those who run aromatherapy spas can certainly consider this investment. Coffee grinders are good alternative to expensive automatic herb grinders. Coffee grinders can shred herbs easily in seconds and the quality is fine as needed to use in a vaporizer.

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Sep 16 2013

Aroma vaporization and its history

Cold-Vaporizer-TreatmentIn some of the ancient cultures of Asia, the process of steaming of herbs with medicinal properties existed long before Christ. The countries that led the world in discovering the medicinal benefits of breathing in such herbs include India, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Plants such as wild Chamomile, Laurel, and Passion flower along various tea plants were chosen by the scientists from Europe to study the benefits that they produced when heated. As the benefits of these vapours are now known, most of the people consider using these and these do not need an extra effort.

The pioneer country that is believed to have discovered the medicinal properties of the medicinal herbs is China. The first product among these shrubs was tea, the leaves of which were steamed or baked to get the essence and aroma and to ensure that the leaves do not get spoiled in the course of its transportation. The most important reason was to avoid fungus spores in this highly valued plant. Although apparently people might not be able to understand the relation between steaming tea and vaporizers, the process of steaming of the tea leaves eventually resulted in the process of herbal cure. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sep 07 2013

New WISPR-2 Vaporizer unveiled by Iolite

The most current version of Iolite vaporizer, the WISPR-2 vaporizer has been introduced with a number of enhancements that rate it over the earlier version. The functions of the device are mostly similar to the earlier version and it is still powered by butane. However, the exterior of the device is different and is provided with a mouthpiece and starter button. It is due to the heater and the flameless gas catalytic thermostat that this vaporizer can deliver smooth and consistent flavour. Only one charge can support vaporization for two hours.

This vaporizer is stealthy and light. One can make use of WISPR vaporizer even when there is no electricity nearby. One can use it on the roads and also when camping. Vapour is created more easily as the vaporiser does not take time to reach the optimum temperature. The foldaway mouthpiece made of silicon is soft and flexible which makes it both easy and convenient to be used.  While the earlier version had the stem made of the plastic, in the current version it is made of rubber.

The system of ventilation and filtration has been improved in the WISPR vaporizer. This edition of the vaporizer has been created with a view to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the device and adding the extra features that were not present in the earlier version. The price of the WISPR vaporizer is fixed at 200 dollars.

Butane cans can be found in almost all the general stores. The bottom of the unit contains gas valve where filling nozzle is inserted. When lined up, the can requires to be pushed down so that the fluid can flow and in just a few seconds the chamber gets overfilled. Before pressing on start button, one requires to wait for some time.  The system of the WISPR vaporizer has been upgraded and a window has been added to enable seeing the quantity of butane left. While being tested it gave six complete sessions, each of fifteen minutes.

The flow of the gas is initiated with downward pushing of the switch on the side to the first position and the igniter can be started by pushing the switch further down to second position. The indicator going orange from blue indicates that the device is turned on properly. Each time its heater becomes engaged a hissing sound can be heard. Every time its heater becomes engaged the device lets off the smell of butane.

Author Bio: Robert Milano is a marketing consultant for HBG (http://www.halfbakedgoods.net) and he is an author of many articles about vaporizers, alternative medicine, aromatherapy, well being and sport therapy.

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Jul 26 2013

Description of Vaporite Glow Vaporizer

Vaporite-Glow-vaporizerVaporite Vaporizer is a perfect choice to expand the collection of personal items and to experience something new, by those who are new to vaporisation. Glow Vaporizer is particularly a smart choice for first-time users.

There are multiple reasons why Glow is recommended to new users. First, it is vaporizer-cum-air freshener, which means the vaporiser can be used sometimes to enjoy the pleasures of vapour and to freshen air at other times. Second, being the cheapest makes it ideal for introductory experience or for people who cannot afford expensive goods for luxury. Lastly, it features are meant to offer the maximum output from the ingredients used.

The usage of Vaporite Glow is simple and easy too. Before its first use, it has to be heated up, which can be done simply by starting the machine and leaving it powered on for ten minutes. After 10 minutes, users can start using it for vaporisation or alow it to cool down and use it later. This process is required only at the beginning.

The rest of the procedure is predictable either. People have to fill the metallic holder with grinded ingredients and put the glass ball after powering on the machine. Within a while, it releases vapour, which can be drawn with the help of the whip provided with it.

Vaporite Vaporizer support both dry ingredient, which is used to get vapour, and oil-based substances, which are used for aroma therapy. It measures 9x3x3 inches and has 10-inch whip. Instruction and power cord manual are offered in the kit along with 60-day warranty.

Author Bio:
This article is written by Tony Rolan of Half Baked Goods, so much more than online shop. Actually, it’s a vaporizer shop and its vaporizers are aromatherapy devices which are meant to relieve respiratory symptoms.HVAC company. Tony has worked for several years as a marketing consultant and blogging is one of his best preferred activities.

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Jul 18 2013

Everything about Vaporite Vaporizers

Vaporite-Glow-vaporizerThese days, scent plays a big role in the way one feels. Because of this, aroma therapy is growing in its popularity all over with every passing day. Different type of feelings can be induced by different kind of scents. Vaporizer might actually be the viable option instead of using candles to spread aromas in different rooms. The essence of a substance gets released when one vaporises it. And because the process does not involve combustion, one is not exposing themselves to harmful chemicals or toxins. One only gets to experience the cleanest, purest vapour around.

The best possible decision that one can make when choosing the right brand is too select Vaporite Vaporizer. Case in point, during smoking one is burning up the substance in order to enjoy it. And while one is enjoying the aroma and flavour, it gets hindered greatly by the tar presence. Getting exposed to tar increases the chances of getting lung cancer. Also, smoking in public is considered to be an offensive thing. Plus, smoking also destroys a great portion of the substance that one likely wants to take in and reduces the effectiveness of the ingredients.

Vaporite Vaporizer enables one to enjoy full aroma and flavour of the chosen substance, making sure that nothing of it goes up in smoke. Additionally, the ingredient will prove to be more potent if used this way. Thus, one will be benefitted from its attributes of aromatherapy more quickly. By getting rid of the harmful by-products that smoking emits, one will also be getting immensely benefitted without the list of drawbacks.

People normally associate products such as Vaporite Vaporizer and others with that of dried materials. However, the thing is entirely different. The essential oils can be vaporized as well that will help in stimulating the brain more efficiently. The nose’s odour receptors are connected directly to that of the Limbic system. It triggers emotionally strong memories when exposed to a specific kind of aromatic oil. This is the reason why scent’s power is so effective and strong.

If one finally narrows it down to Vaporite Vaporizer in order to explore the amazing aromatherapy world, they must ensure that exact scents are used during the process. This requires getting to know the various properties of the different kinds of aromas. One needs to go through the age-old “tried and testing” formula so as to familiarise oneself well with all these long list of aromas.

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May 07 2013

Buy Portable Vaporizer Blunt 2.0 from Vapor Outlet

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Apr 08 2013

Quit Smoking and Start Vaporizing

People who are addicted to smoking should quit the habit as soon as practicable. The benefits of quitting smoking are immeasurable. However, some people can find it real difficult to quit the age long habit. But, that is absolutely no reason to worry because there is also an alternative that would not just satiate the urge for inhaling but would also have several positive effects on the concerned individual. There are several reasons why vaporization should be preferred to smoking. The most significant among the reasons is that  vaporization does not need combustion of the substance. This is also the reason why no poisonous by-products are produced alongside the vaporizing process.

That fact that no toxic by-products are released in this process minimizes the risks for cancer. The other benefit that vaporization has to offer is that vapors are cooler and therefore minimizes the chances of harm caused to lungs in smoking. Moreover, the vaporizing keeps the true essence of the subject untainted. This indicates that less substance would do the work. It therefore may be considered to be more economic than smoking.

Smoking may be thought to count among the oldest ways of taking the favourite substances or tobacco. But smoking is injurious to respiratory organs. The tradition of inhaling the material can yet be adhered to because vaporization, in avoiding combustion, seeks to benefit the human body rather than harm it. The process is eco friendly in that it does not release such harmful substances like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ash, tar and other elements that are carcinogenic.

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Mar 30 2013

The Convenience in use with Portable Vaporizers

Picture Credit : vaporoutlet.com

Picture Credit : vaporoutlet.com

This latest concept in the field of vaporizers is introduction of portable vaporizers. These vaporizers can be taken wherever one goes and can be used at any place. This is a pleasing idea for those people who love vaporizing. Understanding all the aspects related to these vaporizers will make the process much easier and people will happily enjoy them out of their house. The two most important things that can help in improving the aroma of portable vaporizers are some very effective and useful essential oils and dried substances. Using these materials in good quantity and not over filling the vaporizer will help in making the process of use much easier. The problem that comes with reduced airflow is that the materials inside portable vaporizers will burn fast and its aroma will be reduced. Using less quantity and having more enjoyment is always a good idea.

If one is not aware of different settings of their portable vaporizers then they should check put its instruction manual and understand all the settings. They should also read about those materials and liquids that suitable in their device. Not all then liquids are suitable in all the vaporizers. The manual is a very good help when it comes to definitive answers. Along with that proper cleaning should also be given attention. Once the person finishes using the vaporizer then they should make sure that it is clean inside out before putting it inside. The operations of new portable vaporizers will surely make it good for the people who are into the habit of using this device.

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Mar 19 2013

Pulsar Vaporizer and the Convenience it Offers

Pulsar-portable-vaporizersIt would definitely be a great idea if you consider adding up Pulsar 7 portable vaporizer to the collection that already exists. You will find the product comfortable to use because of the portability and compactness it offers. The vaporizer looks like a pen so that it can easily slip into your pocket. The vaporizer can be used with great ease.

The product is made with a button for its operation. As for the features, this device offers a great number of them. Starting with the USB charger and 1000V AC adapter, it also comes with one cleaning kit and two mouthpieces. It is better to go through the instructions before starting with vaporizing using the product. This product is great in that it assures you that the material will not be overheated and thus the material will not burn.

The procedure for charging is also very convenient. There is one cable one end of which would connect to USB port while the other end would connect to vaporizer. A red light will flash to indicate the beginning of the charging process and the light would go off to show that charging is over. This device remains pre charged. Thus you may vaporize just as you have bought it. There is one blue light that would indicate the need to charge your vaporizer.

The device has been modeled in black. The sleek design adds to its elegance and charm while it lays itself down to offer great pleasure to the users.

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Feb 27 2013

Vaporizers Stolen from Green Brook smoke shop

Vaporizers Stolen from Green Brook smoke shop

Picture credit: Michael Mancuso/The Times of Trenton

Police said this is the second time the location at Green Brook Wonderland Smoke Shop was robbed this year. Miracles Smoke Shop also has locations in Lawrenceville (pictured), Freehold, Hasbrouck Heights and East Brunswick.Michael Mancuso / The Times Trenton Green Brook – Police are searching for a man who allegedly broke into a smoke shop Green Brook and stole a bag of smokeless vaporizers earlier this week – the second by hacking it at this point so far this year.

At about 6:42 pm Monday, the alarm at the store wondering Smoke On Route 22, after a man was beaten with glass door in front of the store with a hammer, entered and stole a smokeless vaporizers window, police said.

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