Aroma vaporization and its history

In some of the ancient cultures of Asia, the process of steaming of herbs with medicinal properties existed long before Christ. The countries that led the world in discovering the medicinal benefits of breathing in such herbs include India, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Plants such as wild Chamomile, Laurel, and Passion flower along various tea […]

Description of Vaporite Glow Vaporizer

Vaporite Vaporizer is a perfect choice to expand the collection of personal items and to experience something new, by those who are new to vaporisation. Glow Vaporizer is particularly a smart choice for first-time users. There are multiple reasons why Glow is recommended to new users. First, it is vaporizer-cum-air freshener, which means the vaporiser […]

Everything about Vaporite Vaporizers

These days, scent plays a big role in the way one feels. Because of this, aroma therapy is growing in its popularity all over with every passing day. Different type of feelings can be induced by different kind of scents. Vaporizer might actually be the viable option instead of using candles to spread aromas in […]

Vaporizers Stolen from Green Brook smoke shop

Police said this is the second time the location at Green Brook Wonderland Smoke Shop was robbed this year. Miracles Smoke Shop also has locations in Lawrenceville (pictured), Freehold, Hasbrouck Heights and East Brunswick.Michael Mancuso / The Times Trenton Green Brook – Police are searching for a man who allegedly broke into a smoke shop […]