Popularity of Portable Vaporizers in Markets

This article series is going to focus on popular vaporizers that are now available in markets. This series will have 3 parts.

Arizer Solo

This is the latest addition among all the vaporizers available in markets. It has some advanced features and is very light in weight. One can easily travel with it and carry it with them. The weight of this device is around two pounds and easily fits in the pocket. The temperature can be controlled easily and it can also be operated with the LED feature.

Da Vinci

This one is becoming very popular among users and is one of the most modern ones. It is known to be good for aromatherapy and users can enjoy their favorite material without inhaling any harmful toxin. This comes with some advanced hi-tech technologies that are good for temperature sensitivity and you can adjust the temperature according to your wish. The product is available in grey, white, and black.


This is a portable vaporizer and the users regard it to be one of the best. It is compact in size, light in weight and is very convenient to travel. The robust size of this product has made it preferable among its users. The substances can be heated at less combustion and it results in better results. One will not be exposed to any harmful carcinogen.


This device comes with twin heating capacity and prevents the users’ from being exposed to any harmful toxin. It has been made with the help of polyimide and can easily withstand heat.

This was a little discussion about portable vaporizers.

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