Vaping and Weight Loss – there is a Connection?

Vaping and Weight Loss - there is a Connection?

The point is the metabolism – under the influence of nicotine, the process is noticeably accelerated. And the growing appetite is also to blame. As long as it was stifled by cigarettes, everything was fine. It was worth quitting smoking, and the person immediately found a new destructive habit – eating fatty high-calorie and far from healthy food.

Snack suppresses appetite. Additionally, he solves psychological dependence: you need to hold something in your mouth. Previously, cigarettes could cope with such a mission, but now candy, crackers, chips, and beyond.

A research report in Nicotine & Tobacco Research: vaping solves both problems

Health experts figured out how vaping can fix the situation. They recruited a group of people who quit smoking. Doctors monitored the respondents, did tests, and performed physiological tests.

The premise for the beginning of the experiment was the introductory information: over the past 3 years, sales of tobacco products in Western countries have decreased. And in the same period, increased the number of patients with diabetes, cancer, obesity. Heart problems have doubled.

The doctors set two tasks:

  1. Determine if the indicators described are related.
  2. Determine if vaping can stop the problem.

Research results and conclusions

Nicotine really promotes fast metabolism and reduces appetite. Former smokers try to replace him with Zyban or Chantix pills, used nicotine patches, sign up for NRT – nicotine replacement therapy. But the weight continues to grow because psychological dependence is stronger than physical.

The e-cigarette has proven to be the most potent of all scientifically proven methods in research. Vaping gave the respondents a sense of the process and supplied the body with the usual dose of nicotine.

Discovery: Controlling nicotine levels in vaping liquids is easiest.

Plus, the vaper tastes different strengths of liquids on his own and gradually decreases concentration. In the process of reducing the dosage of nicotine, the respondents’ weight remained at the initial level. They did not get fatted, contrary to expectations.

How to use this knowledge on your own?

Switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes and gradually reduce the dosage of nicotine. And then switch to zero-strengths of liquid and using it only for pleasure.

There is another benefit to vaping. Vapers are less drawn to sweets and desserts. If they use flavorings with the smell of baked goods and famous treats, they psychologically perceive them as food. As a result, people find it easier to refrain from high-calorie treats.

Conclusions: e-cigarettes allow you to quit smoking without gaining weight. The body copes with problems without compromising health, lifestyle, and mood.

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