New WISPR-2 Vaporizer unveiled by Iolite

The most current version of Iolite vaporizer, the WISPR-2 vaporizer has been introduced with a number of enhancements that rate it over the earlier version. The functions of the device are mostly similar to the earlier version and it is still powered by butane. However, the exterior of the device is different and is provided with a mouthpiece and starter button. It is due to the heater and the flameless gas catalytic thermostat that this vaporizer can deliver smooth and consistent flavour. Only one charge can support vaporization for two hours.

This vaporizer is stealthy and light. One can make use of WISPR vaporizer even when there is no electricity nearby. One can use it on the roads and also when camping. Vapour is created more easily as the vaporiser does not take time to reach the optimum temperature. The foldaway mouthpiece made of silicon is soft and flexible which makes it both easy and convenient to be used.  While the earlier version had the stem made of the plastic, in the current version it is made of rubber.

The system of ventilation and filtration has been improved in the WISPR vaporizer. This edition of the vaporizer has been created with a view to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the device and adding the extra features that were not present in the earlier version. The price of the WISPR vaporizer is fixed at 200 dollars.

Butane cans can be found in almost all the general stores. The bottom of the unit contains gas valve where filling nozzle is inserted. When lined up, the can requires to be pushed down so that the fluid can flow and in just a few seconds the chamber gets overfilled. Before pressing on start button, one requires to wait for some time.  The system of the WISPR vaporizer has been upgraded and a window has been added to enable seeing the quantity of butane left. While being tested it gave six complete sessions, each of fifteen minutes.

The flow of the gas is initiated with downward pushing of the switch on the side to the first position and the igniter can be started by pushing the switch further down to second position. The indicator going orange from blue indicates that the device is turned on properly. Each time its heater becomes engaged a hissing sound can be heard. Every time its heater becomes engaged the device lets off the smell of butane.

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