Arizer Air 2 Full Review

Arizer Air 2 Full Review

Arizer Introduces 21st Century Updated Air – A Portable Dry Grass Vaporizer with Digital Temperature and Session Control, USB Charging, and Longer Battery Life. In combination with the hybrid convection-conduction heating that Arizer has been producing for years, Arizer Air 2 produces delicious steam.

In any vaporizer, you can find your cons, we found only one at Arizer Air 2, it heats up for about a minute. However, updates put it on one step with stop products and make it one of the 4 best portable devices to date.

Tasty and cool vaporizer

Fragrant and comfortable Arizer Air has always been a classic of the company, and in Air 2 the manufacturer did not change the technology much. The mix of glass, ceramics, and steel paves the way for steam, so you can be sure that there will be no admixture of extraneous odors. As a result, Air 2 produces clean and tasty steam using convection and conduction heating that emphasizes taste.

Light traction

In the original Air, the limited airflow spoiled its potential, which is why Arizer dealt with this problem in Air 2. A more powerful heating element allows it to take longer while maintaining the set temperature at the same level. The open airflow combined with recessed “heat jets” helps to evenly distribute heat around the heater, giving you pleasant, light puffs that easily compete with the powerful and advanced Mighty and Crafty evaporators.

Hybrid heating for efficiency

It combines conduction and convection heating, so you get a clean, tasty, and effective smoking vaporizer. The glass base is heated below, providing constant heating of the element, and the warm air passing through the device reaches every corner inside and no mixing is required. The more powerful heating element in Arizer Air 2 allows you to quickly release delicious clouds or take a puff of slow aromatic puffs.

Modern battery upgrade

Arizer Air 2 debuted with a 50% increase in battery life compared to the original version, which had high hopes for the same breakthrough for Air 2. The new Arizer Air added over 15-20 minutes to the standard 60 minutes of the device’s capabilities. In total, this gives 75-80 minutes of evaporation, sufficient for ten 7 or 8-minute sessions. Not as long as in the Solo 2 version, but still a noticeable improvement and a very serious battery charge.


The cylindrical shape of the Air 2 exactly matches its predecessor, while keeping the beveled edge on the back, easily fits in a pocket or in the included bag, which is attached to the belt. You will have to carry one glass base with the device. It is great for home use.

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