Popular Vaporizers in 2013

Picture Credit : codeword.org
Picture Credit : codeword.org

Vaporizing is far more pleasure giving and healthier than smoking. A change is being noticed in the habit s of people who are consciously shifting from smoking to vaporizer. While vaporizing offers similar, rather a more pleasurable experience than smoking, it is less harmful when compared to smoking. The quality of a vaporizer is a major factor when it comes to vaporizing. Vaporizers of highest quality always give off pure vapor. The present discussion would find as its subject the enlisting of best among these vaporizers in 2013.

Vapir NO2 boasts of high quality. This vaporizer offers portability and can be found in 5 different colors. It is highly stylish and this device can be dismantled and reassembled according to convenience. The temperature can also be controlled by viewing the digital display.

Iolite has brought down the WISPR vaporizer. This is also a portable vaporizer. What is special about this particular device is that there are tools that make cleaning procedure easier. The material can be heated up to the limit of 374 degrees. This enables its user to enjoy the full flavor.

Davinci is another vaporizer, stylish and portable. It contains a storage section and the important ingredients can be much easily stored there and carried along.

Original IV2-1 is another vaporizer from Iolite that burns the ingredient with butane. It evenly heats the ingredient.

Vapir One v5.0 uses the technology of Air-2 that helps in liberating pure vapor. The vaporizer does not liberate toxin and thus its vapor inhaled is both and healthy.