Connecticut Law May Inform National Marijuana Legalization Efforts

Buy Portable Vaporizers from Vaporoutlet.comThere are many people that advocate for the legalization of marijuana on a national scale. Some states already have laws that allow for medical marijuana, but since these laws aren’t recognized federally, the use of the substance can still cause issues for people all across the country. However, a new Connecticut statute that allows palliative use of marijuana is thought to be the perfect model for a national law should it ever come to pass.

It is thought that people spend between $45 billion and $110 billion a year on marijuana. Unfortunately, all that spending isn’t taxed because it’s not legal. If it were, that would spell a huge increase in tax revenue for the federal government. This is one of the biggest reasons advocates of marijuana legalization use. The income and tax revenues from marijuana itself isn’t the only source of new income. All of the accessories and tools associated with this substance would also increase in sales and could actually create quite a few jobs. The types of accessories typically used include vaporizers, hydroponics systems, and other goods and devices.

The Connecticut law recently took effect, but it will take a while before legal cultivation and dispensers are available. Proper regulations also need to be put in place. Even so, all of this is a positive step toward national legalization, at least on palliative scale. Accessories like vaporizers are already legally available, but with legalization it would be less stigmatized and shop owners would see a dramatic increase in sales.

The law allows for only 10 producers of marijuana at a time. Those who wish to grow must pay a $25,000 application fee for a license and they must have a reliable plan in place to prevent theft. All of these efforts would translate well into a national model.

Recently, there are still many opponents to the idea of marijuana legalization even for medical use, at the state and federal level. These opponents believe that marijuana causes permanent damage and is addictive. They also believe it is just as harmful if not more so than cigarettes, even though that is only the case when smoking it. Using vaporizers dramatically reduces the health risks associated with marijuana. That’s what focusing on the income and tax revenue that can be created on the sale of accessories is important as well. An entire industry could be created here that includes the sale of the marijuana itself along with vaporizers and related devices.

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