Legalization of Marijuana Underway Through Connecticut Law

Most people believe that using marijuana should be legalized all over the country. Although different states have legalized use of marijuana but as most of these laws do not get recognition federally, use of marijuana might prove to be troublesome. However, Connecticut’s new law allows use of marijuana only for curing purpose where the new law can be considered as perfect model if ever national law considers making it legal.

According to reports people spend nearly $45 – $110 billion every year on use of marijuana. But unfortunately money spent on marijuana does not come to good use as it is free of tax because of its illegal status. This is surely a big sum of money and tax imposed would add to the total revenue of the government. This is one factor that is highly regarded by people who support legalization of use of marijuana. Devices and equipments associated with use of marijuana would be produced on a larger scale as sales will increase creating new job opportunities all over the country. Several accessories are used with marijuana like hi-tech vaporizers, hydroponic devices and lots more.

Law passed by Connecticut State was recently made effective but there is still some time left before dispensers, legal cultivators make their entry. Adequate regulations need thorough attention. Overall it can be said that this is indeed a positive step although it is only for curing purpose. Lots of vaporizers are available in market but making use of marijuana legal would no longer defame the product resulting in increasing sales.

Law from Connecticut allows only ten producers at one time. People interested in cultivation of marijuana should pay application fee amounting to twenty five thousand dollars and also be prepared with a solid plan for prevention of theft of marijuana. National model can take inspiration from such efforts if it decides to come up a law.

However, there are numerous opponents to use of marijuana even if it is used for medicinal purpose at different levels. People opposing use of marijuana think that permanent damage is caused by it and is even addictive. People opposing use of this substance believe that marijuana‘s effects are almost similar to cigarettes although that is not the case. Vaporizers are developed in such a way so that they can minimize marijuana’s adverse effects. This entire step gives rise to hopes of a flourishing industry that will comprise marijuana selling and associated devices.

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  1. Medical marijuana is really an nice substitute product to vape the herbal blends as it don’t burn them but simply heats them and please the user same way.

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