Choosing the right vaporizer grinder

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People who have vaporizers are ought to have herb grinder to use herbs in their vaporizers. Herb grinders are necessary because they are used to grinds herbs before feeding into a vaporizer, which cannot properly vaporise herbs unless it is nicely grinded. The grinders are made of metal, plastic and wood. The material of which a grinder is made and brand of vaporizer are independent of each other. The person who uses vaporiser does not need to consider its brand before purchasing a herb grinder. However, the grinding capability of the grinder has to be taken into consideration.

The question is about the fineness to which herbs have to be grinded for production of quality vapour that is required for aromatherapy. There is no particular measuring scale for that. However, one must know that production of active ingredients in vapour is directly proportional to surface of ground herbs. In other words, herbs have to be grinded as fine as possible to avoid release of injurious vapour.

Selection of the Grinder

Searching for the best grinders in their respective classes is the first step towards selection of the right grinder. Quality of the equipment, result of its function, safety in its use and its price are all factors that influence ones decision of the right grinder.

Manual Grinders

Manual grinders have to be hand-cranked or twisted. They are available in plastic, wood and metal. Herbs have to be fed into the grinder and twisted after the lid is closed. Nice fluffy grinded herbs that are ready to be vaporized can be produced with the help of such a grinder. However, there are several safety concerns to be considered.

Aluminium molecules can mix with shredded herbs when they are grinded with aluminium grinders. Wooden grinders pose same threat while acrylic plastic grinders emit harmful fumes. Plastic polymer grinders are the best.

Automatic Grinders

Motorised grinders are the best for those who need to grind large quantity of herbs. Automatic grinders have great capability to grind herbs finely. However, it has a drawback and that is the need of electricity every time it runs. Another disadvantage is that it is expensive. Those who run aromatherapy spas can certainly consider this investment. Coffee grinders are good alternative to expensive automatic herb grinders. Coffee grinders can shred herbs easily in seconds and the quality is fine as needed to use in a vaporizer.

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